…a powerful motivator, an organizer of time and a highly effective tool for learning. Tuneful Teaching is all about using music to maximize potential and improve quality of life.
Resources found in my blog and under the products tab focus primarily on teaching literacy and communication skills through music. You will also learn about opportunities for individualized music therapy, music lessons, and early childhood music classes for those living near Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

music therapy Wisconsin

Music Therapy

music therapy Wisconsin.

Music Therapy

Through the use of music in a fun and motivating environment, I target non-musical goals such as communication, motor, social, and cognitive skills.  I consider myself a lifelong learner and a problem solver.  Examples of struggles I have helped my clients overcome include improving fluency and comprehension while reading, learning to tell time, improving handwriting, and learning to communicate.  We have even used music to work on potty training, tying shoes, and adding fractions!  In therapy, we typically call these goal areas.  It really comes down to a problem being solved and the end result is a greater quality of life.


Learning. Through music.

music therapy Wisconsin.

While I specialize in music-based learning for children, I also enjoy working with the elderly and adults with developmental disabilities.  Music therapy is offered in both one-on-one and group sessions and sessions are individualized for each client based on a detailed assessment process.  All services are provided in your home or in the facility where your loved one lives.  More information here.


Music Classes

Music classes are being offered for children of all ages in Oshkosh, WI. Opportunities are available for specific age ranges and for sibling pairs. Infants that are six months and under at the start of the semester attend for free. Babies receive a tremendous benefit by simply being present and hearing music in a variety of meters and keys, the same as learning to speak by simply listening to people around them talk. As they get older, their active participation in music classes will increase.

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Each “Tuneful Tots” music class is filled with fun and giggles. Children learn to keep a steady beat, match pitches, and develop memory skills while also improving language skills, turn taking abilities, and motor skills. The recommended age range for these classes is birth through six. Children who are older, but a good match developmentally, are welcome to attend. Parents or caregivers attend with the children.

music classes Oshkosh

“Tuneful Teens” classes are also being organized for teens and pre-teens with special needs. If there is a strong interest in the community, classes for children in elementary school can be created. Taught by a board certified music therapist trained in adapting for a variety of ability levels, these classes will target cognitive, physical, and language development. Social interaction and turn taking will be structured through a multi-sensory approach that is extremely fun and motivating. Siblings and typically developing peers are always welcome.


Music Lessons

I also enjoy teaching piano, trumpet, guitar, and ukulele lessons to children and adults with and without identified special needs.  Through the process required to become proficient on an instrument, the brain goes through physical changes resulting in improved working memory, attentional skills, and organizational skills.  Research has also shown improved spatial temporal reasoning which translates into improved math abilities.   I was a trumpet player in high school and it was always apparent to me that the students who did well in band also excelled at math.  Learning the neuroscience to support these observations has been fun for me.  These non-musical outcomes are the main reason that I thoroughly enjoy teaching a limited number of music students during my weekly schedule.


Literacy Resources

In recent years, I have developed a specialty area of math and literacy tutoring through music. Reading is a passion of mine and in the process of developing strategies to help kids with autism learn to read, I became interested in researching phonological awareness.  To help other professionals understand the connection between phonological awareness, literacy and communication skills, I compiled a 215 page ebook titled Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too:  Songs for Developing Phonological Awareness, Literacy, and Communication Skills. Available under the products tab, Alphabet Stew and Chocolate Too includes:

  • 70 songs in lead sheet format
  • Data sheets and printables to get you started right away
  • Background information for parents, teachers, and therapists to become comfortable with teaching a continuum of literacy skills to children with and without special needs
  • Resources for teaching sight words, developing the speech-to-print connections, and improving inflection
  • Fun songs like “Spider on My Delbow,” “Sneaky Snake,” and “Move the Magnets” for learning the building blocks of literacy

Tuneful Teaching Blog

The focus of my blog is primarily on teaching literacy skills and other academic concepts through music. Resources found in this website will help both struggling readers and typically developing children learn to read. The songs are also age appropriate for older students who are still struggling.  My passion is helping all individuals learn the life altering skill of learning to read. By teaching the foundational skills of phonological awareness, children develop the building blocks needed for literacy, communication, and success in life.

music therapy Wisconsin

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